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4809Re: Lead casting/respirators

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  • fogovonslack
    Nov 3, 2003
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      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, lon wells <lononriver@y...> wrote:
      > Speaking as someone that worked in a lead smelter and
      > had lead poisoning (while using every known safety
      > device). I do not know if it is wise to encourage
      > home builders to cast molten lead. The risk of fire,
      > explosions and lead poisoning is too great.
      I appreciate your concerns. How much lead exposure does one face
      casting outside? How much is sufficient to cause lead poisoning?
      Casting centerboard weights isn't something I plan to hake a habit of.

      > It would be possible to cast the lead shot or wheel
      > weights into a fiberglass resin and obtain near the
      > same results.

      I'm not sure how well wheel weights would work in this situation,
      given their large, uneven size, which would leave a lot of empty space
      to fill with epoxy or other resin. I think lead shot would work
      perfectly well, though, as I suspect I have more lead than I need cast
      in place, judging by the weight of the centerboard & rudder.

      If I have occasion to weight another centerboard, I'll probably use
      that method rather than casting.

      Thanks for the helpful advice on respirators.

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