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4797Re: [Michalak] Re: Lead casting/respirators

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  • lon wells
    Nov 1, 2003
      Speaking as someone that worked in a lead smelter and
      had lead poisoning (while using every known safety
      device). I do not know if it is wise to encourage
      home builders to cast molten lead. The risk of fire,
      explosions and lead poisoning is too great.

      It would be possible to cast the lead shot or wheel
      weights into a fiberglass resin and obtain near the
      same results.

      A small note about respirators. Once the cartridges
      are exposed to air they start to lose effectiveness.
      We use to change our cartridges daily. If you are not
      changing your cartridges daily. Place your respirator
      in a zip lock bag, squeeze out the air and it will
      extend the cartridge life.

      When you buy your respirator a safety supply store can
      fit the respirators to your face size and test the
      fit. Just because you are a large person does not mean
      that you take a large respirator maybe you have small
      facial features. It is best to have the respirator
      fit, better places do it for free.

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