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  • bigeddytom
    Jul 1, 2003
      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "mqnada" <smallboatdesigner@m...> wrote:
      > MDO stands for Medium Density Overlay. It's a plywood panel sheathed
      > on one or both sides with a heavy paper face impregnated with a
      > phenolic resin. It was originally used for highway signs.
      > My boat is a screw & glue (more like nail and glue) sharpie. I did
      > sheath the bottom and the edges of the chines with glass for abrasion
      > resistance, but otherwise there is no coating other than paint on the
      > rest of the boat. Two years later, I'm not sure sheathing the bottom
      > was worth it. I still think taping the chines was a good idea though.
      > MDF is something else altogether. It's essentially sawdust held in
      > the shape of a panel with some sort of binder. It's not going to like
      > getting wet. There is no place on any kind of boat for MDF.
      > You can see my boat at http://jmbell.home.mindspring.com/af4.htm
      > JB
      >Hi John, I checked out Mr. Moon. It really looks nice. I have A set
      of plans for the AF4. Like you, I am an old sailor at heart but the
      efficiency of the AF4 really appealed to me. I was concerned that it
      would not be heavy duty enough for the waves we encounter in the
      harbor where the largest part of our boating takes place. We looked at
      a beautiful little 16'C-dory but it was somewhat beyond our budget
      plus you are still looking at a 45-50hp motor and 6-8mpg which at
      $2.00 a gallon gets expensive. I have still not given up on the idea
      of an efficient power boat and the AF4 and Bolgers Tennessee both are
      in the running. Thanks for the info on the MDO. I went to Home depot
      today to see about some. The first two sales clerks said they had
      never heard of it and the third said it was special order and a pallet
      of 48 sheets was the minimum order. I will look some more. I keep
      refering to Home Depot because they are the only lumber supply within
      20 miles of where I live. Tom on Sandpiper
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