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  • mqnada
    Jul 1, 2003
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      MDO stands for Medium Density Overlay. It's a plywood panel sheathed
      on one or both sides with a heavy paper face impregnated with a
      phenolic resin. It was originally used for highway signs.

      My boat is a screw & glue (more like nail and glue) sharpie. I did
      sheath the bottom and the edges of the chines with glass for abrasion
      resistance, but otherwise there is no coating other than paint on the
      rest of the boat. Two years later, I'm not sure sheathing the bottom
      was worth it. I still think taping the chines was a good idea though.

      MDF is something else altogether. It's essentially sawdust held in
      the shape of a panel with some sort of binder. It's not going to like
      getting wet. There is no place on any kind of boat for MDF.

      You can see my boat at http://jmbell.home.mindspring.com/af4.htm


      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, TOMCBRADY@C... wrote:
      > Hi Wayne and John,
      > I am not to thrilled about the idea of Luan from what I
      have read
      > and I need heavier panels than I have seen Luan in. All I have seen
      is 1/4 or
      > maybe 3/8 which is not heavy enough unless I double up which I
      really don't
      > think I want to do.
      > I have seen the MDO designation before. What does it stand
      for? I
      > was looking at a board in Home Depot and was told not no but he--
      no! but then
      > it my have been mdf not mdo. I saw where someone built a Glen-L St.
      Pierre Dory
      > out of mdo but he sealed it in epoxy.
      > Did you put epoxy on the bottom or the seams or did you
      use chine
      > logs and glue. If glue what kind?
      > Thanks for the response. Tom on Sandpiper
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