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  • ozboater
    Feb 10, 2002
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      > I have just received my Vireo plans, but something I have since
      > wondered about - how is she if you step aboard from a keelboat or
      > pontoon? I wonder if she is reasonably stable if you place your
      > weight on the sloping bottom (maybe if you can't always reach the
      > centreline?)
      > Do you have any experience of this?
      > DonB

      Hi Don,

      We first used Vireo behind a 52 ft houseboat - our last family
      holiday before our eldest left home. Vireo is very stable even if you
      are not stepping into the centre, and it was easy to get in and out

      Just a thought for Sakari, if you read this. If you will mostly be
      taking a passenger, probably best to consider a 14 ft boat, or even
      RB42 for 2-up and occasional one-up. (Herb McLeod has rowed his solo
      and reports good performance). It would have a greater load capacity,
      and a bit more leg room. I've had no problems two-up in Vireo, though.

      Our boat is mostly used solo, where the light weight and low drag
      make it so delightful and effortless to row. Two up, for us, is for
      an occasional bit of fun out with the family. Vireo copes well
      especialy if the passenger is a child. My two youngest girls row two
      up with the stern clear. Great for kids.


      PS Bruce Given has given me permission to post some AF4B photos he
      sent me. He did a magnificent job. I'll scan tonight and post the
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