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29294Re: Newbie....Considering First Project..

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  • solomon_man
    Jun 25, 2014


      Thanks for the input on the wood!


      I may have someone, if not craigslist, to take any full sheets I purchase that I do not need. Still working with the Wood supply shop to see if I can be added to any larger orders. Evidently the local place I use gets quite a bit of requests for marine ply especially in the warm seasons.


      Most of my waste will be generated in the Console area  of the Pontoon and I plan to remove and trace out the original console onto the new plywood. Then I will re-carpet in something a little more thicker than the 28oz floor carpet to make it easier on myself. (Grew up in the flooring business - family business 3rd generation) -  I did it professionally to pay my College  degrees (Bachelors/Masters).


      So If I can use it in the transom, maybe the seating, and anywhere strips can be used for reinforcement I would be very pleased.


      Does anyone know...Can you trim the size down to a smaller boat say 8ft or 10ft?  (I see metal Jon boats that size....so curious.)

      What do typical plans include?

      Are the plans typically paper or electronic?


      I have purchased a few books on boat building...One I purchased from duckworks...Boatbuilding For Beginners (and Beyond) - by Jim Michalak....I have also purchase hardware etc for my other boating projects from the duckworks site. Is there any difference in the plans in the book and the ones being sold? If I remember correctly there is a Jon boat plan.


      As far as tools used...Is there any issue using pneumatic tools assuming using the proper hardware for marine application (stainless etc).


      I really appreciate all the feedback,


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