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29280Question epoxy fillers to make glue.

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  • redlegduke
    Jun 8, 2014
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      The silica that Duckworks sells for epoxy.  Is that used for structure i.e. to make glue or is it for fillet or both glue and fillet?  For filler to make glue, I have on hand wood flour and silica from Duckworks and talc from Wal-Mart.  Before I apply epoxy “for real” I have practiced with epoxy thickened with silica and epoxy thickened with wood flour to use filling screw holes.  (That in reality I probably could get done just fine while purring the boat together.  But I wanted a training exercise.)  I do not like using the silica because the particles are so fine they readily become airborne to get in my eyes and maybe even through my breathing protection, but it seems really smooth and easy to work.  The wood flour mixes nicely, but seems like it does not spread too well.  (Maybe that is why Jim Michalak uses talc?  Or is talc cheap, readily available, and works well enough?  It appeared that talc is Dave Carnell’s second choice for strength – which ain’t bad I suppose.)  I have not yet practiced with talc.  I have read epoxy guidance from Jim Michalak, Dave Carnell, Bateau, West, and Gougeon – and you would think that I would know by now, but I don’t.  I am building a Michalak Campjon.  This week, the sides get butt-jointed and the sides get mounted to the bulkheads.  


      Michael Ash

      cross-posted to Duckworks

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