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29231Re: [Michalak] Re: My Mayfly12 has gone 3D! (For the time being)

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  • alan enlow
    May 13, 2014
      My PDR was built by another person with a dagger board and a conventional tiller. Quacker Box will have a pivoting lee board ala Michalak/Bolger using the original dagger board.  The original tiller has been replaced by a push/pull  type tiller that will allow me to sit in the hull instead of trading my seat on the side air boxes on respective tacks. I am still working on the pivoting lee board. I have been thinking of making a Mayfly 14 later on. 14  feet is the cutoff in Texas before you have to register it ( as long as you don't add a motor). Also my trailer limits the length.  The  Lee board guards on the inclined side look difficult but I have jim's book and will probably see him in a couple of weeks at the Rend lake Messabout in Illinois and get a few pointers and sage advice from the him and assembled sages (wise people, not the spice, grin).

        The rain held off yesterday until I reached a stopping point and then a storm rolled in. My screws for the upper guard were too short so I have to get new ones and a longer bolt for a pivot pin. Time is running out to complete these mods before I leave for up North. Hardware and painting are about all that remain for these upgrades. I will be just able to get her done,... if the weather holds favorable.

      hope I was not to wordy, or boring. I will look forward to seeing and hearing more on your mayfly.

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      Yeah, same drought over here in California. What are you working on Alan?

      I was able to spend a lot of time on the leeboard mounting, and some other things this weekend. Finally got the leeboard mounted up and ready to go. Rudder and mast attachments are next. Then hatch covers and painting and I'll be pretty close!

      I have a slightly modified 59 square foot leg o mutton spritsail that I made for my puddle duck that should be close enough to work here, along with the 15 1/2' carbon fiber windsurfer mast I use, and I did some measurements on the existing rudder for my puddle duck, and it looks like with just a couple cuts and slight modifications my rudder should be reworkable on this boat as well. Actually, one of my main reasons for choosing to build the Mayfly12 was that I had already made up a bunch of sailing gear that was really close to what was specified by Jim for this boat. Hopefully some of these shortcuts work out for me.

      More pictures posted.
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