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29223Request for information on finishing and fitting out Campjon

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  • redlegduke
    May 12, 2014

      I’m building a Campjon.  Where do I find information on cleats, lights, anchors and whatever else I should mount on the boat that is not on the plans?  What I am looking for is what in the army we called the “schoolhouse solution”.  In other words, Coast Guard (or whatever governing body or universally accepted authority) requirements or specifications or standard practices.  Second question.  Where do I find the five page or so minimal instruction on applying fiberglass tape (on the chines and joints), fiberglass cloth (on the bottom), and of course the epoxy to hold it all together?    I intend to use the boat on ponds, lakes, probably the Ohio River, and if my britches get real big maybe a portion of the Great Loop like that fella in the AF4B.   Thanks, Michael Ash

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