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  • Curran Bishop
    May 10, 2014
      Hi all, I know that paint discussions are posted from time to time, so sorry to bring it up again;

      I painted the AF4 last year--strait on the wood, not pre-coat of epoxy--with Valspar Porch and Floor enamel.  I suppose it has done the job, but I'm not terribly impressed.  A friend who paints professionally pointed out that this particular product seems very thin to him and is thus a bit hard to spread.  He likes Home Depot's Behr version of the same product.  Since I had some of my original Valspar paint left, and am already needing another coat, I went ahead and did another coat, but am planning to add color and hope to change brands.  I'm needing to choose something that can go over the Latex base the Valspar is providing.  At this point I'm thinking just a different brand of latex porch and floor enamel, with this annoying caveat: I have a Lowe's, a Rural King, and a True Value near by, but would have to travel a good distance to get to a Home Depot or Menard's...

      So, does anyone have a suggestion from those stores that can go over a latex base?  (and if not and I need to bite the bullet and drive to HD or M's, has anyone else noticed a significant difference between Behr and Valspar?)

      Curran Bishop

       " 'Round our boat be God's aboutness,
             'er we try the depth of sea,
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