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29218Re: [Michalak] plexiglass windows

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  • john colley
    May 10, 2014
      sikaflex is a great product.Many panel shops use it to hold things together.Only issue i have is it setting in the tube.
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      On Friday, 9 May 2014 10:18 AM, "chrisc@..." <chrisc@...> wrote:
      My woods designed catamaran has no "fasteners" holding down the many windows.  You can search youtube for "Romany Catamaran" for pictures and video.  The designer specified a "lip" under the "wall" of the hull, and cuddy to place the window into.  The actual windows are held in place by a product I think is called Sikaflex.  It's a black gooey stuff that is like a marine grade calk and has massive gripping power.  The company that makes sikaflex apparently has printed specifications on how to mount windows without fasteners.

      I just wanted to point out there are other ways to mount boat windows.  Considering all the work of drilling holes, and mounting fasteners it may be worth a look.  Last year I had all the cuddy windows replaced on my cat, and I asked the guy doing the work (boatsmithfl.com).  He explained the entire process to me and said "nobody uses hardware to mount windows anymore".  He builds many cruising catamarans a year and his work is beautiful.  May be worth a try if someone feels like taking the plunge.

      BTW, I have not seen Nels around any of the boating forums for many months.  Does anyone know what is up with him?

      Chris Curtis
      S/V Romany

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