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29217Re: My Mayfly12 has gone 3D! (For the time being)

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  • mayfly726
    May 9 1:21 PM
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      Man, it's been a long time since I was able to make any real progress on the Mayfly12. I had some rain related structural failure to my "Temple to the Weather Gods," which set me back a bit and discouraged me, although frankly I should have expected it. I have to learn everything the hard way, apparently. But before that, I don't think I had posted any pictures, but I put several bottom coatings of Titebond III mixed with graphite powder on her - It's an experimental treatment and she hasn't been out in the water since, but as soon as I have some performance/durability related feedback I will provide it.

      The other thing that's been holding me back is a bit of timidity with regard to the leeboard guards and braces and what have you. I have a nice foily leeboard and rudder I made for my puddle duck, so my intention was to just use that and repurpose it for the Mayfly12. The plans call for a leeboard 12" x 42", and my leeboard is 13" x 48". I figured that the little bit of area couldn't hurt, and I had found the board to be very well shaped hydrodynamically from my puddle duck experience. But the problem is that I made the board foil shaped along it's whole length, which meant that the mounting portion was not left square the way Michalak calls for in the plans.

      Long story short, what I had hoped to be a shortcut, as usual, wound up becoming an obstacle. But I was able to cobble together some ugly solutions, and last night managed to epoxy and bolt the upper guard in position. Some pictures are posted. I wouldn't say I'm pleased with the results as far as looks, but I'm holding out hope that it functions well. I took a lot of time and fiddling to get it so the board would mount parallel to the center line, so here's to hoping it works out in practice. I just want to get this boat finished and in the water. I didn't realize that I would be looking at a year from start to finish, but then again I suppose on average I'm lucky if I can put in 2 hours a week on this project.
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