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29216Re: [Michalak] plexiglass windows

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  • Joe Stromski
    May 8, 2014
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      You may be right, but using the finish washer essentially removes the countersink, and turns the screw into a flat head. Or so I thought. The plexiglass on an Af4 needs to be forced into a mild curve, and that's when the trouble started. 

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      Joe Stromski said:
      "When fastening, I used oval head screws with finish washers. Even though I drilled the holes generously oversize, the acrylic still got spider cracks in it as I snugged the screws down. When/if I replace the plastic, I'll probably avoid drilling altogether and figure out some way to clamp them in with wood strips, like glass stops in a cabinet door."

      Any kind of countersunk screw (flat or oval head) is like driving a wedge into the hole in the plexi as you tighten it.  Use pan head screws, and put washers under the heads to spread the strain.

      Jeff Michals-Brown, Jewelbox Jr. Surprise

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