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29163Re: [Michalak] AF4B Fiasco now maybe a Twister

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  • woldwilly
    Apr 9, 2014

      Ok, my outboard is a 1994 Evinrude 2 stroke 15HP, Long Shaft. Electric Start. Does not have a tiller handle, has forward controls. So we're talking 90 pounds at the max, even less maybe because a short shaft pull start is supposed to weight 76 pounds; I was just adding the weight of the starter and extension, minus a tiller handle.

      My weight has gone up about 80 pounds over my youthful weight so maybe they offset each other over having a 4 stroke...

      I actually at one time had two of those, matching twins I had been hanging onto in the idea I was going to build a barge/scow and have the twins for the maneuverability, but figured downsizing and selling off one of those would almost totally pay for the build. For the time I have left, I figure I'll contribute to the environment I 'm gone.

      November 2012 Splash on Duckworks shows a Twister just launched without the sailing rigging with an outboard of not very big size and looks great, and seems to be going along at a fair speed, and built as designed. Anyhow that's a phrase I've been avoiding on my last 5 builds. I just can't seem to leave things alone..

      But today I have another interesting "dilemma" if you want to call it that. I have someone bringing a West Wight Potter 14 over to possibly do some "horse trading" for my 12 foot Columbian with an 8HP and trailer.. Pictures he sent me show an original low sail number (under 300). Says it needs some minor wood work. Hummm, just about everyone has a different opinion of "easy", or " minor", so I'll be sure to look closely as to what his opinion of that  is. If I go thru with the trade, wife has been saying just get a  small boat with a cabin, get out there on the water and quit spending time spinning your wheels, so that might stop the Twister build; at least for now. But I haven't been in a sailboat with the sails up since 1984.. WW

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