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29150AF4B Fiasco now maybe a Twister

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  • woldwilly
    Apr 4, 2014
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      Well last fall  I purchased the AF4B plans, and started in on it. Well wife got ill, spent some time in the hospital, and then needed back surgery. The boat start was about 33% , and I thought well tarped in the back. ( I have no official inside place to work on a boat) There was over a month that I didn't even open the back door. When I finally went out there, I found the tarp had ripped a little and let water in. Ah what a mess. The whole boat was one big fuzzy mold, in fact it looked like someone had painted it flat black.. So I donned gloves and resperator and lets just say the pieces of boat are in a landfill. I purchased more material to try again...

      I've always been fond of the Garvey style, that why when I started looking at other Michalak's designs, and the article in his newsletter of someone building one, it struck me as a better alternative for me anyway. I haven't been much of a sailor, Though I worked at a fiberglass production shop building sailboats for 7 years in my youth, and I've sailed a few times, it just doesn't appeal to me. So as the Twister is a sailing boat, but can be used just as well motorized as the article says, I've been staring at the plans and seeing the pronounced rear rocker similar to a rowing boat, I was contemplating dropping the rocker to more of a planning flat hull in the stern. While I'm at it, I could raise the cabin and sides of the boat slightly, because in the drawings, it shows the material left over from cutting the sides out is used for making the leeboard and the rudder, which I would not need, so there wouldn't be any additional material needed. The boat reminds me a lot of an old Atkins boat I was fond of as a kid sitting in Dad's attic looking thru old magazines and plans. Of course the Atkins "Barneget" was a 23 foot Sedan Garvey with an inboard and you sat inside the cabin and steered, but the lines are similar. I would leave the cabin similar to original with the way to walk thru to the bow..

      I have a 2 stroke 15 HP Long Shaft electric start, no tiller, remote forward controls. That is the one I've been wanting to use for my next boat. It weighs about 91 pounds, plus battery and tank. So some kind of forward steering, either a Ezy-Glide stick or a regular wheel, or something.. I don't want to sit in the back anyway because of my added 80 pounds from my younger years would do better a little further forward...

      Any thoughts welcome, plus if anyone knows a similar design more closely resembling the mods I am thinking on Jim's boat, I'd like to hear about it.  Willy in Astoria, OR

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