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28989Re: Greetings from Canberra Australia

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  • Mark Albanese
    Jan 31, 2014
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      Congratulations on the great find, Hylton!

      Jim had the sprit rig leg 'o mutton on his own Piccup for a while, so no need to worry 'bout that. I'm guessing it will be close to the classic Bolger 59 sq. ft. sail

      The aluminium tube is pretty exotic around here. Your boat sounds really sturdy.


      On Jan 31, 2014 10:48 PM, <blackduck_84@...> wrote:

      G'day from downunder let me introduce myself my name is Hylton and I hail from Canberra Australia, 70 years young in the mind and getting younger but the body keeps raising objections so have slowed down a bit.

      Haven't done much sailing but have just purchased a nice little Piccup built a couple of years ago but in absolutely A1 condition right down to the paint work. The owner who also built it has built a bigger boat which is now occupying the under cover area so rather than put her out in the weather he decided to sell it his loss my gain and also he sold me a little trailer he had as well the complete outfit cost me less than what I could have built and fitted out a boat myself which was the original idea.

      She doesn't have the balanced lug sail but a leg o mutton, the sail has a pocket sewn into the luff and that slips over a 2,1/2 inch straight aluminium mast which is just on 18 feet long from the keel to the top, the sail is about 16 feet at the luff and around 7 feet at the  foot.

      The builder departed from the plans a bit and built in buoyancy compartments on either side plus another compartment across between the side this compartment also acts a seat when rowing or sailing you can straddle it.

      I haven't been out on the lake with it as yet because being an old fart and the temperature getting up and over 100f lately it does not make for a pleasant learning experience but I'll get there.

      Okay that's about it for now, more reports to follow as I progress along this new path.

      Best regards to all


      Ps I'll see if I can make an album it will be called Hylton's Piccup

      Pps I haven't given her a name yet

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