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28982Re: [Michalak] Oarlock question

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  • normwolfe1
    Jan 22, 2014
      Hi Curry-

      I use a long single oar over the stern of my NormsBoat which is nearly identical to AF4. Although I do not have a motor, if I did, I would have the rudder on center, the motor to one side and the sculling oar to the other side. The sculling oar is easiest to use if off center, allowing you to stand facing it (ie, not forward) and turning your head 90 degrees to look ahead. The oar is great for maneuvering, but not for speed. Since you use your entire body, it is not tiring to use. Mine is 12'6" long and I stow it on the cabin roof, on the side opposite where I stow the mast, boom, yard and sail (although an AF4 has no sail). If you mount the motor on center, be sure the oar lock for the sculling oar is mounted far enough away from the motor so that the motor housing does not interfere with the swing of the oar. Best, Norm.
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