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28975Re: [Michalak] sail area increase

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  • dean48herring
    Jan 21, 2014
      I'm with Anders on this one. I sail on local lakes in winds under 13 knots for recreational sailing only. Given that criteria I upped the sail area on the Mike's boat from 98 sqft to 130sqft and was very happy. This was done after the fact meaning I have both used both sails. On the Ladybug build I upped the area fro 74 to 85 seeing that Jim uses the 74 in smaller lighter boats and seems to have put this sail on the the Ladybug. I see that a 100 has also been added to the Ladybug as well. For me it seems that a 20 -30 percent increase in sail area make me happy with Jim's designs for the type of sailing I do. One can always reef down when needed.
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