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28937RE: Finished Sails for Michalak Boats

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  • dean48herring
    Jan 9, 2014
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      I've just received an 85SQFT Lug from Dave for my LadyBug build. The plans are for the 75sqft lug but I find that for the type of recreational sailing I do on inland protected lakes in winds less than 20mph I need a bit more sail area. This new 85 sqft lug will fit in the same mast step but removes most of the aft rake at the partner.


      ---In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, <polysail@...> wrote:

      PolySail International is considering adding two additional "finished" PolySails for Michalak boats for this upcoming season. Currently we only offer the 74-75 sq. ft. balanced lug as a finished sail. Finished sails are usually white sails that we try to keep in stock as "blanks" which are cut, stitched, and finished except for the trim color and other small details that can be delivered within a week and cost even less than our custom sails. These sails are often used on several boat designs, like Bolger's popular 59-60 sq. ft. leg o' mutton sail. However, we need some guidance from Michalak forum members as to which of Jim's boat designs are most popular and which sails would fit the most Michalak designs. Or, it might be a matter of which boats seem under-canvassed and need a common upgrade design. If members don't mind advising me, I would appreciate your input. In your opinion, which would be the one or two sails that you would recommend adding to our finished sail line?

      Thanks for any insights you can provide.

      Dave Gray
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