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28931RE: Leeboard Guards for AF3

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  • scast101
    Jan 8, 2014
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      I'm building a Mayfly and am at the same point. I clamped lumber separately to the decktop along the back coaming of the front hatch, and along the front coaming of the aft hatch. These  extend off the right side of the boat. I marked each piece of lumber with measurements from the deck centerline marks.


      Next, I clamped straight lumber fore and aft across the 2 prior pieces of lumber. I located the edge of this lumber along the widest part of the gunnel, adjusted its the ends on the 2 supports so that they are equidistant from the centerline, and clamped the board in place.  Now I have an edge that I can drop a vertical level or a plumb bob from to locate the leeboard guard cuts. I have not yet completed the construction of the guards  and have not made the cuts.


      I'm not a t home, can't post a picture right now, will try to do so when I can. Hope this helps.



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