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28927River Runner dimensions

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  • Joe Stromski
    Jan 7, 2014
      Jim's description of the River Runner states dimensions of 15 1/2 x 45". Does anyone know if the 45" is width at the bottom or at the gunwales? It'll be used primarily with paddles on river floats, with 2 passengers.
      I'm planning to take the family down to the Ozarks over spring break to paddle the Buffalo River, and think it would be cool to use a "native" craft like a jon/float boat. I've got a SOF Chuckanut, but am afraid to use that in riffles and rapids, that might be too rough on the skin.
      The Ozarkian is just too much, but the River Runner looks like it'd fit the bill nicely too, except I'm concerned about "paddleability"
      I like the looks of this also, looks like 35" at the gunwales
      or perhaps a drift boat:
      Or maybe I'll just whip up one of Andy Linn's Lazy Weekend canoes, but that's just not going to have the same panache..

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