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  • creditscorenz
    Jan 7, 2014
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      My rear deck has the port side rear corner cut out of it, 12.25 inches forward from the transom and 20.25 inches from the hull side to the centre.  These measurements include the port external sheer clamp, but not the transom clamp which is internal.  The well is JUST long enough for a Yamaha 2HP motor to tilt up. If you plan to mount a larger motor you will have to make the well longer, say 13.50 inches instead of 12.25 inches . The width of the well is probably not so important for the motor, but you do have to take into account your tiller range when designing it. If you make it too wide, because you are trying to centre the motor you will impede the tiller and perhaps have the rudder and propeller touching each other when the rudder is partly raised and the motor tilted up.

      I always have water in my well when I'm sailing, but I never know how much, since when you go aft to look into it, it fills with water through the drainage hole!  When I first began sailing, this concerned me, since that part of the hull is not supporting the boat.  Now I no longer care.  I not sure whether its just serendipity, but it turns out that I can fit a 1.25 gallon petrol car in the bottom of the well and it doesn't interfere with the motor being tilted.  This means that all the stench and oils associated with the motor are kept out of the boat and stay in the well where they belong.

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