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28920free boat in Waltham, near Boston

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  • rnlocnil
    Jan 5, 2014
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      I've got 3 boats in the yard, and that's at least one too many. This one's a sort of combination boat, in fiberglass. I think about 12 feet long. Can be carried by two people.  It's clearly meant for a motor, but maybe not for planing. It rows a lot better than one of those tin motor skiffs. And it has a sail rig, including a daggerboard slot in the middle seat. It sailed fine with over 400 lbs of crew. Inside, it's set up like one of those little fishing boats with two crosswise seats and another built into the bow. The outer hull is sound, the rest needs some work, though it will float, row, and probably motor fine the way it is. If I didn't have a zillion other projects, I might have kept it.

      I think it's called "Puffer", but it's NOT the AMC Puffer. Still, the sail has some kind of blowfish on it.

      Email me for details if you're interested. I don't really keep track of this list any more.