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28874Re: [Michalak] Dockbox deluxe

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  • Gene Berry
    Dec 12, 2013

      good looking boat. that ought to be a lot of fun and should scoot right along with that 4hp.

      Gene Berry

      On Thursday, December 12, 2013 9:11 PM, k4uaw <k4uaw@...> wrote:
      I am almost done with my lengthened Dockbox design. I started out with some 16ft size plans, Sows Ear, Shanteuse, Toon2, but finally had to admit that size would be too big for me to do by myself. I could build a Dockbox, but you really need an open cockpit in Florida. I had a eureka moment when I figured out I could cut a small corner out of a sheet of plywood and glass it to the other end, in so doing making the boat about 30" longer. I will have to find out in a few weeks how it goes in the water. My 4hp johnson has been sitting and I decided to be safe, not sorry, so it's going to the shop for a full checkout. I call my boat, Doodlebug, and that is the album to look for.
      I could never have done it without several sets of plans and the 'Boat Building for beginners' , book.
      Doodlebug is 10-1/2ft long and 56" wide inside the cabin. The seats are 30" long and angled for a better view ahead when under way. There is just enough room inside for a sleeping bag- one adult and one child I would say. It has been a two year project- I know plans would have helped a lot. I had to do a lot of trail and error fitting. If my math works out, Doodlebug will fit in the bed of a pickup truck- angled over the wheel wells.
      Mark Smith
      Cape Coral, FL

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