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28865Update on my enigma/mini robbsboat build.

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  • joe_mapango
    Dec 3, 2013
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      Update on my enigma/mini robbsboat build.


      Hello All.  It has been a long time since an update, so here goes for those who may be interested.    I had been waiting to build because I had to finish my shop up some.  I had gotten things really cleaned and working well a month or so ago.  This enabled me to really get things going.  In the past few weeks I built a shop air cleaner, built both sides of my enigma clone, and took delivery of the wood required to build a Paradox.  The enigma clone is waiting on a scarfed bottom.  


      A few days ago I decided to try the fiberglass tape scarf method to see how things worked.  I first cut one sheet of ply down because I really didn’t need a 16 foot piece of ply.  Also, my building table is just 4X8 so the shortened (13 foot) plywood worked better for me.   I laid down some wax paper, then a strip of fiberglass tape.  I wetted the tape out fairly heavly and then placed my ply down one at a time. I then pre coted my ply topsides, laid down another strip of glass tape, and then squeegeed it out until the glass was fully wetted.  I then applied some wax paper to the top, and then a strip of ½ plywood and screws to keep everything down tight.  Three days later I removed the wax paper and ply from the top.  I was amazed by the smoothness and precision of doing a scarf this way.  I still need to verify that I did not glue the entire thing to the building table, but overall it looks great.  Dragging my fingernail over the joint I can feel no dip or binding.  In a day or two I’ll start drawing the bottom form and then cut in anticipation of stitching the boat together.   I still have a few “issues” to “resolve” about how I have done things before I start stitching.


      I have the enigma clone setup all 3D with a temporary main bulkhead.   Overall I’m happy with the look, but I am struggling a bit with the large top.  Of the 12 foot boat, almost 6 foot of it is “cabin”.  It looks much more like a Robbsboat than an Enigma.  When I try to visualize making it smaller, it becomes clear that the interior will also become less functional.  As is, the boat won’t look nearly as sleek as the enigma, but it was never meant to be so.  The idea has always been (for me) to make a quick build and experiment. If anyone has any comments I’d love to hear them.  A good argument could have me doing things a bit different.  If I were not also building a Paradox, I may or would likely want to build the enigma a bit fancier. 


      I’ll post some pictures soon.  This is a cross post from the Enigma group too, so sorry if you end up reading this twice. 

      Chris Curtis

      s/v Romany


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