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28835Re: [Michalak] RE: bolger birdwatcher

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  • John Kohnen
    Nov 29, 2013
      I'm not going by the specs, I was there sitting in the cabin/cockpit and I
      really noticed the centerboard trunk. ;o) The intrusion of the centerboard
      is mitigated slightly by the out-of-the way storage between the trunk and
      the starboard side; all the space isn't "wasted," it's just not usable for
      humans. The Birdwatchers aren't very big boats for their length, and are
      light for their length and sail area. That's why they perform so well, but
      it has an effect on the accommodations.

      On Thu, 28 Nov 2013 00:50:12 -0800, graeme> wrote:

      > "that big centerboard case takes up a lot of prime real estate in the
      > cabin."
      > No it don't. Have another look at the specs, centres, displacement, wl,
      > etc, and especially think about where the cob is (well aft) and where
      > the people(big) are meant to sit, and think about why it is pointy
      > sterned, and what Bolger wrote over and over about the whys and
      > wherefores of a pointy sterned box hull. And think about how it's put
      > together with so little waste of material or time. BW is not a big boat,
      > not meant to carry much. She is not a yacht, she is a light weight, fast
      > (lwl, L/B, plus shoal), extreme shoal draft yet quite seaworthy camp
      > cruiser.
      > ...

      John (jkohnen@...)
      What is more pleasant than a friendly little yacht, a long stretch of
      smooth water, a gentle breeze, the stars? (Billy Atkin)
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