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  • graeme19121984
    Nov 28, 2013
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      "that big centerboard case takes up a lot of prime real estate in the cabin."


      No it don't. Have another look at the specs, centres, displacement, wl, etc, and  especially think about where the cob is (well aft) and where the people(big) are meant to sit, and think about why it is pointy sterned, and what Bolger wrote over and over about the whys and wherefores of a pointy sterned box hull. And think about how it's put together with so little waste of material or time. BW is not a big boat, not meant to carry much. She is not a yacht, she is a light weight, fast (lwl, L/B, plus shoal), extreme shoal draft yet quite seaworthy camp cruiser.


      Q. Why did PCB use rather broad of chord, in this case quadrant shaped, keels?

      A. His preference was for relaxed sailing.



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      looks to me michalak's designs are an evolution of bolger. praise the spirits of small boat design. i've seen photos of the interior of birdwatcher. that big centerboard case takes up a lot of prime real estate in the cabin.   michalak's normsboat  may be the state of the art in contemporary sharpies.  
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      > i like double ended sharpies in general but i dont see myself sailing inside behind a plexiglass window coated with salt spray.

      ;-) I'd take that as a no.

      One of the first was built by Jim Michalak, who has developed a group of competitive designs using the Birdwatcher style cabin. They are mostly a bit smaller than Bolger's Birdwatcher.

      A bit of time with the search function in this group will help you find those who have sailed Bolger's and others slot top designs.

      The general consensus is that it is not the claustrophobic experience some were expecting, and that air washing down off the sail keeps the cabin fresh in warm weather. Really sounds pretty nice.


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