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  • creditscorenz
    Nov 25, 2013
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      Picara has a draft of 10 inches with the board up and Philsboat about 7 inches, so not much difference there.  Not sure how deep Picara's board goes, but Philsboat's maximum draft with board down is 2' 10"

      Of course, Philsboat is a little under 1/2 Picara's weight, so I imagine that launch time could be hard work for one person.

      But how does Picara sail?  Surely, you have lots of room in the cabin to stretch out?  On the other hand she is a cabin boat, so you'll get much colder when sailing her.  That's what my friends go on and on about... how warm and shady it is inside Philsboat's cabin, while everyone else is togged up in wet weather gear and getting sunburnt at the same time.


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      my  main proble is it being too heavy between the ballast weight and not having enough room on the small lakes we have here-i will try it out in the ocean this spring and let you no how it handles then

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      I would like to hear more about Picara.  I've often thought it's just the boat I need for 1 person in bad weather.

      Sorry, Robert, but I just couldn't resist, since it sounds like if we could swap boats, we would both be happy.  Problem is... I'm in New Zealand and I think you're probably in the US.

      If you do a search on Philsboat on this list, you will find my comments about it popping up here and there. In short, while it's pretty good at handling strong conditions with two people aboard, as designed, it's too light for 1 person, when things get rough. That's why I'm surprised to hear you say that Picara is a handful.  I thought they are very heavy boats. In fact, of all Jim's boats, Picara would be the most suitable for going offshore, I would have thought.



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      i would like to here more about philsboat-it sounds like what i need.i have already built picara-its too much boat just for 1 person in bad weather

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