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  • Gustavo Tabakian
    Oct 24, 2013
      Thanks Mark.
      I know this kind of boats is very related to doryes and also sharpies and flat iron. But being the garboard very narrow and the boat so light results in a U shape I think closer to the currach in sailing abilityes. Is very similar to the  Gardner's semi dory o that surf dory of Bolger too. I think Michalak's multichines are a new kind of boat with more capabiltyes than predecesors if sailed in their own limits. And in the budget the aesthetics can be very improved for each one.
      I seen the boats you suggested and I love that Caroline: looks like a Dorado wider for low power, and more interesting the bow is more conservative and better in most conditions others than full planning.
      The speed is not limitated in this design by hull length? If is, it  will sail at seven or six knots maximum while Dorado with same engine will go much faster. Also I read some toughts of Michalak in design a wider Dorado and do the tests in the software- if he does will result a similar boat. Is the same of streighten the buttocks of Caroline with the advantage of this last one in having a motorwell and a nicer bow to me. 
      I still interested in confort but in a compromise with speed and petrol efficience. 
      I'm in Uruguay fellow. Here the Rio de la Plata is hard cause the small chop -specially in summer the water is boiling- and fast weather changes the whole year. If I go to the east I take the ocean and if going to west I can go into a very big rivers system. Materials here are doble or triple expensive than in USA and, also the engine and petrol still at seven dollars the american gallon. So a boat is a big investiment and I thought in an alternative small sail and an alternative sculling oar just for ideal conditions to save petrol and also to extend cruising range.