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28681RE: [Michalak] Finished Mike's PICCUP!!! Thank you to the forum!

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  • Andre
    Oct 24, 2013
      I’m really happy for you ! Can’t wait to see you sailing Trimic !
      For everyone else in the group (as Mike already knows it): I did a thank post to Mike on my blog. The link is:
      The spirit of these parallel builds has been amazing.  I started on February this year hoping to launch simultaneously and it seems we are going to miss it by only two weeks.
      Fair winds up north and down south for our splashes !
      All the best ,

      rudder59@... escreveu:


      Thank you to Nels, Andre  Colin and everyone else that offered suggestions and help over the past almost two years.  I promised myself around 1975-76 that I would build a boat and use the hardware that I  took off an old day sailer at that time and have been lugging around for the past 37 years! It's amazing how much has changed in the hardware, back than it all metal and heavy. Though I didn't get to use all of it I was able to use some and the tiller. Putting the boweye on felt like I was putting the peak on the Empire State Building. For some reason it was that one piece that made me feel like I kept a promise to myself and fulfilled a dream that I have had and thought about for 37 years. It feels great and made me realize your never to old to pursue a dream.

      Splash date is this weekend weather permitting. Name of boat is Trimic ( combination of my kids names)


      A special thanks to Andre Basso. HIs encouragement and support kept me  focused on completing it. It's nice to know that people from different cultures and different age groups can share a common interest and help each other achieve their goals.


      Hope the photos help others. I made a lot of mistakes and have them in the photos especially pouring the lead. If I can help anyone I will.




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