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28677RE: Frolic 2 ....as an open boat ??? any thoughts?

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  • normwolfe1
    Oct 19, 2013

      Scott, I scull my 18' NormsBoat  for short distances, usually just to get to open water where I raise the sail. I find sculling with one oar over the stern and facing forward makes maneuvering much easier than with two oars and facing the stern. Frolic2 is more streamline than NormsBoat and should be even easier to scull or row.

      NormsBoat also has a slot top, which make single handing easier, especially when weighing anchor-- the tiller is only about 2 strides away.

      I have 2 canvas covers (actually sailcolth) for the slot. I put up the second one over the first if I am expecting hard rain, somewhat like a rain fly over a water proof tent.

      In a one-sail boat, one must be prepared to reef earlier, since there is no jib to drop. Likewise, the sail should be big enough to power the boat in the least wind you sail in. So, you may find yourself frequently with one reef, which is ok since the balance lug is still balanced when reefed. I sometimes put in one reef at a lower windspeed than needed just to reduce my boat speed, such as when I am dividing my time between boat handling and photographing.

      Have fun,

      Norm Wolfe

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      The slot top design Jim uses gives you the best of both worlds. Easy standing access all the way to the front of the boat, and with a canvas cover over the slot the dry security of a cabin. 

      Have Fun,

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      Subject: [Michalak] RE: Frolic 2 ....as an open boat ??? any thoughts?

      All input appreciated as usual. I think my "better half" has solved the cabin problem. It will be built to the plans in that regard. I then started to think about building it with the rudder on center with a full transom. Then I keep thinking that it is easy to overthink a lot of things and maybe that's what is going on. Oh well it is all an enjoyable part of the process. I need to figure out a way to heat my garage for the "building season" that is fast approaching. Just needs to be warm enough to reliably kick off epoxy:) 

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      I had several occasions to row my AF3 in the Texas 200. It saved my boat from going on the rocks & enabled me to get to a safe slip. It was pretty hard going against the wind across Port Mansfield but I was sure glad to have the capability. Its pretty easy with no wind & a good way to negotiate a small harbor. It will save you.

      On Tuesday, October 8, 2013 9:02 PM, "souderscott997@..." <souderscott997@...> wrote:
      I ordered the plans for the Frolic 2 and just can't make up my mind. I love the Wooboto I have. I wanted to make a version with a 3/8" floor just to get it a bit stiffer, and Jim agreed that would do it. Then I considered trying to "stretch" the design for a bit more room. Then it dawned on me that the Frolic 2 hull if you follow the lines without the cabin...is a stretched Wooboto with a 1/2" floor to boot. Now that I am looking constantly at the plans I may actually like the cabin. Is there any Frolic builders out there with any opinions or just any opinions (pros and cons). Jim already weighed in saying to make the seats air tight for added flotation and saying that an additional bulkhead would be needed for the mast. I think without the cabin the mast could be shortened 6 to 8" also which will only make things safer. I also wonder about rowing the boat. The Wooboto rows very easily for me I'm not sure how much the extra 4.5 feet of length and 6" of width will effect that. I'm not a long distance rower, and really don't care much for the idea of long distance rowing. I pretty much row out a little ways and put up the sails. I would like very much to do some traveling with this boat when it's done, maybe even some coastal "salt water" sailing. Anyways as always any thoughts appreciated.
      Scott in Colorado

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