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  • Martin Houston
    Sep 16, 2013
      I cut a curve in the back side my lee board so it can come up farther & clear the trailer fender. Still works well.

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      Sent: Monday, September 16, 2013 12:14 PM
      Subject: RE: RE: [Michalak] Re: Piccup update
       Saw your latest pictures, looks good! I have opposite concern with leeboard. When I pull it up I'm concerned it may still be about an inch lower then the hull ( went with the larger leeboard) .if it does then the boat will drag on the leeboard if I beach it. Going to check one more time and if it does may notch back edge of leeboard where it touches upper leeboard guard so that it can come up another inch or two. keep at it your almost in the water.
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      Yesterday I made some tests on field. It turned out that it is possible to remove the leeboard just raising it totally and twisting it a little. I concluded it will depend a lot of the vertical position you bolt the upper guard to hull and the final format you give to it. Mine was just right (by chance).   I’ll keep with the pivot bolt epoxied through hull as JM designed for Piccup.   But all answers to the question were very helpful to improve thinking and future options.   Thank you all,   Andre http://umveleirosimples.blogspot.com.br/   Andre <basso.asb@...> escreveu:
      >Interesting option. As I have alredy epoxied bolt to hull first option would be leave it there and see what happens. This one seems a great way to fixing an eventual leak.
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