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  • ozboater
    Feb 1, 2002
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      --- In Michalak@y..., Sakari Aaltonen <sakari@a...> wrote:
      > A question on Vireo - does it carry more than one person?

      Hi Sakari,
      Yes you can take a passenger in Vireo, but you need another set of
      rowlocks more forward than the solo position.

      The plans show a second seat, and I made both seats. They are not
      fixtures in my boat, and so can be placed wherever balance requires.
      I use a high density foam chock under each seat to hold it in place
      and spread the load. I have'nt set up a second set of rowlocks
      though, and the few times I have taken a passenger I have rowed from
      the solo position and put up with a bit of stern drag. It still went
      quite well. The passenger leans back on the aft crossbeam with a
      towel over it for cushioning.

      It is quite OK for occasional passengers, but if it were to be a
      regular thing, I'd set up the second rowing position.

      JM says to glue 2 or 3 6mm ply pieces together for the seats. I used
      4mm ply separated by 1" meranti framing and a central 1" for strength
      an flex resistance. Vey light, solid and bouyant.
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