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28000Re: Plywood checking on Brucesboat

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  • prairiedog2332
    Jun 22, 2013
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      The air temperature in the shade (garage) is not the same as what the
      surface temperature of something might be getting up to in bright direct
      summer sun. Depends on how dark the surface is of course, but it can get
      up to twice as high as the air temperature in the shade and can soften
      or even wipe out epoxy as Chris mentions. Plus the UV affect and the
      temperature fluctuation over night if you live at higher altitude or in
      a semi-arid climate. And the wetting and drying cycle when it rains can
      all add up to significant accelerated weathering of plywood. And pine is
      the most affected as it has alternating soft and hard rings.

      A good cover is really worthwhile for a wooden boat and not just the
      open designs. And a good cover takes some effort and money to construct
      and fit. Blue polytarp secured with a few bungie cords just won't do it.
      I badly damaged 2 boats that way.


      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "souderscott997" wrote:
      > I would agree with you on all but the heat part. I built my Wooboto in
      my garage here in Aurora, CO. Day temps in the summer are well over 100
      in the garage. Heat I don't think effected anything other that I had to
      use slow hardener and still needed to have the game plan down as soon as
      it was mixed. I had pots start heating up on me within 12 minutes a few
      times. Anyways the boat turned out great as a matter of fact the wife
      and I are heading to the lake in about an hour or so. Heat...not a
      concern...everything else you mentioned does need protection especially
      direct UV exposure.

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