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27981Re: Just bought the book.

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  • m1k3_0ynx
    Jun 17, 2013
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      I really do appreciate all the additional thoughts and information. I enjoyed learning more about the history of the designs.

      And Chris, good for YOU! Getting a mention in the book, and a picture of your build is just great! Now only if fortune did always come with fame. . .

      Partly from my own observations and also from the comments made above, as much as I like the looks of Surf, I really DO think Mayfly would be a better choice for me. Being shorter and being able to transport the boat in a pickup truck with a bed extender, with most of the weight being well inside the bed of the truck is one good reason for the Mayfly. And the more useable space for a crew of two would be another.

      As for the "looks," I have no problem with the Mayfly, I just have a tendency towards boats with a little more "character." I have to say that the more I look at Mayfly, the better it does look to me. Seeing some of the pictures of the boat in the water, under sail really helped with that.

      I would at least consider taking a look at Surf's bowsprit, even though it really doesn't fulfill the function of a bowsprit (no stays attached to it, no jib depending on it,) it is more-or-less decorative.) I will make up some drawings of a similar bowsprit on the Mayfly.

      If it LOOKS right, and not like some ill-conceived afterthought, I may add that to my Mayfly. If it doesn't look like it BELONGS there, I won't do it.

      Looks like I will be buying a set of the building plans. And I'll keep looking at the other builder's post (and that blog!) to see what others are doing and if they come up with other good ideas like a splash rail on the fore deck, I'll think about adding them.

      I will move the Mayfly 14 up to the #2 spot on my build list. The Marsh Style Pirogue will be built first though. Different boats for different reasons.

      Thanks to every one,

      Mike S.
      Spring Hill, FL
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