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27965Re: Just bought the book.

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  • m1k3_0ynx
    Jun 16, 2013
      I've read the book cover-to-cover now and I'm going back over it now for *serious* study. Got to say it is as good as everyone has said!

      To tell the truth, I was pretty much settled on the boat Payson called the Surf, as it had the looks I was after, would suit my sailing waters fairly well, it should carry both my wife and I, but it would be about max for transport with my pickup with a bed extender.

      And then there was the fact that I'd rather have a lug rig and would have to work out the changes that would be needed. I thought the Mayfly 14 rig would be the one to move onto the Surf.

      But the more I read about the Mayfly, the more it looks like it would be a better choice for me, for a variety of reasons. More than likely, I'll probably go with it and move it up to #2 on my build list.

      Wife looked that build list over and said she really has no interest in a one person boat (like I do,) and I should build the two person boats first. After that, I'm on my own. In this case, I KNOW I'm better off going with that advice. (I'm not stupid, just a slow learner.)

      Mike S.
      Spring Hill, FL
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