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27949Re: [Michalak] Re: Just bought the book.

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  • Anders Bjorklund
    Jun 14, 2013
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      Congratulations Colin!

      Sounds like your Mayfly project's going great. By the way, the load
      waterline for the design should be indicated on the profile drawing. If you
      want to scribe that line on the boat, first locate the points on the
      drawing where the waterline meets the hull at the bow and the stern.
      Measure and mark the corresponding points on your hull, and use them to
      level the hull fore-and-aft. Next, carefully level the hull athwartships.
      Then there are a number of ways to locate points along the waterline all
      around the boat, and those points can be connected by using a flexible
      batten. Some people use a water level, others use a laser level, and some
      set up a system of very tight horizontal strings that can be used to sight
      in the load waterline plane. There are probably other good methods as well.
      The designed waterline, or at least some reference points marked at the bow
      and stern, makes it easy to determine if your boat is trimmed correctly
      fore-and-aft. And it looks pretty cool too.


      On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 8:02 PM, shooter1941 <cbuxton41@...> wrote:

      > Mike,
      > I am a first time boat builder and for my first attempt selected JM's
      > Mayfly 14. I bought the plans and also the book. For us newbies (or at
      > least for me) the book is indispensable especially the section "Building
      > your Boat" which is virtually a manual for the Mayfly 14 build.
      > I am an accomplished carpenter but I don't think I could have built it
      > without the book. Not because I can't read plans but for the plethora of
      > "how to" information contained in it of which I had no knowledge.
      > I did a great deal of research before attempting to build and have
      > archived at least 100 websites sites/articles concerning all elements of
      > wooden boat building including all of JM's essays. Also I am a member of
      > this, Duckworks, and WoodenBoat forums from which I have gleaned a great
      > deal of valuable information.
      > I started the build a week ago and have the hull completely finished and
      > have started working on the peripheral parts. I must say I am quite proud
      > of myself as the hull seems to be almost perfect. The midlines of the stem,
      > bulkheads, temporary forms, and transom all align correctly. I also took
      > measurements from the port and starboard top corners of the transom to the
      > stem mid-point and they are within 1/16th" of each other. It looks good
      > too. I think this is attributed to the fact that I stacked the plywood
      > sheets cut and final planed both hull panels together making them
      > identical, plus constructing the bulkheads and temporary forms precisely to
      > the plan dimensions.
      > My planned launch date is June 30th but before that I may put her in a
      > small pond near my house just to see if she floats and determine the
      > waterline.
      > Diligently read the book and any other info you can find and just about
      > all your questions will be answered.
      > All the Best,
      > Colin

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