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27463Re: Twin Leeboards Bow Centreboard

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  • prairiedog2332
    Apr 6 11:32 AM
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      As well as Dovekie and Black Skimmer Bolger added a bow board to his
      Whalewatcher for the same reasons - to help with helm balance.

      Bolger also tried to develop a bow steering design, based I think on ice
      boats? So a bow board you could adjust a bit to port or starboard would
      probably be interesting like toed in or out with leeboards. I think the
      control mechanisms quickly become complicated for the small gains in
      performance. I think at planing speeds a bow board should be raised.

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      > Nels, I was not familiar with Eisbox. Interesting boat. I did not
      find any info on the bow centerboard but have thought about the
      effects/uses that it might have. I think I understand the purpose and
      function balancing the boat in shallow water....Clever. I prefer to
      set up my boats with significant weather helm and rely on the rudder for
      a good portion of the LR.... I am just as careful building the rudder
      as the leeboard. I may do a centerboard again but, that is not on the
      list yet... Thanks for the information. That bow centerboard device
      has long been a mystery to me. Thanks, you have expanded my
      understanding of the sailboat, again.,,, I do love to sail in shallow
      water. At the Texas200 a couple of years ago in my Laguna....I stood on
      the bow of the boat....in the shade of the forward sail and followed the
      Matagorda Bay shore in 6" to 1' water sneaking up on the fish and other
      creature of the shallows. Interesting was that in displacement mode in
      5"-6" the boat created a significant breaking 1/4 wave following off the
      transom. I was running directly down wind (10 mph) and did not have the
      push needed to plane. JIB

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