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  • prairiedog2332
    Apr 5, 2013
      Jim drew a design called "Eisbox" that had a bow centreboard installed
      in the free-flooding bow well as an option. There is a cartoon in the
      files section.

      The idea was to lower it enough in shallow water to help prevent lee
      helm as the leeboard was raised. Very simple to add as you don't have to
      worry about sealing the case since it is already inside the
      free-flooding well, so it can be a very shallow rectangular box open at
      the top. The board is in the shape of a quarter circle about 18" in
      diameter. Just needs some weight added so it stays down and a control
      line leads from a tab added to the aft end leading up to a turning block
      at the bow and then back to the helm to raise it to the desired height
      and locked into a jam cleat.

      Eisbox has a 5 ft. deep leeboard so as it is raised in shallows will
      quite likely introduce lee helm and spoil upwind capability. So as the
      leeboard is raised you lower the bow board and hopefully maintain a
      neutral balance at the helm by adjusting both boards as you go along.
      The only thing is that you are restricted to 6" draft on Eisbox as it
      has a skeg ahead of the inboard rudder to protect it - which Jim doesn't
      like all that much - but the fellow who commissioned it insisted on as
      he wanted the OB to be mounted on the centreline. It was intended to
      motor more than sail in the purpose he wanted a boat for. He wanted to
      motor out offshore to fish when the winds were normally too low to sail
      and sail back home when the on-shore breeze arose in the afternoon.

      So a fellow like JIB might be interested in this information if used in
      hull with less draft than Eisbox and likes to sail in the shallows?


      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "John Trussell" <jtrussell2@...> wrote:
      > I had a Dovekie with a bow centerboard. It worked fine in shallow
      water. It
      > somewhat offset the lee helm which developed when I reefed. However,
      if you
      > are in the habit of heading up in a puff, be aware that the bow
      > will resist heading up-best to ease the sheet.
      > JohnT

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