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27091Re: [Michalak] Building plywood Boats...Cross Post

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  • john colley
    Mar 10, 2013
      I'll second that!,I have downloaded these bks and thay are quite informative.When I built my "stormbringer" (17ft pirogue) i used the information i found in John Welsford's book,The backyard boat builder".It describes the boats in his catalogue and how they came about, but in the first part of the book he talks of stitch and glue and other things.Excellent read>

      "There is magic in the feel of a paddle and the movement of a canoe, a magic compounded of distance, adventure, solitude, and peace."
      -Sigurd Olson

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      Subject: Re: [Michalak] Building plywood Boats...Cross Post

      Jeff Spira also has 3 free eBooks about making plywood boats but his designs are mostly dories..  They are great books and he has some videos also



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      Subject: [Michalak] Building plywood Boats...Cross Post

      One of the best short instructions I've seen on how-to-build a plywood boat is one that Matt Layden's brother posted showing some messages and photos that Matt had sent him.

      I know no other free example of great small boat workmanship, design, and construction using simple tools.

      Since I have installed only one layer of fiberglass on the seams of the three boats I have built, I was quite amazed at the number and size of seam coverings that Matt installed. However, Matt has sailed his boats to the Bahamas, and in many Florida Everglade Challenges, whereby a small lake is a challenge to me!

      If you have never read/seen this data, you might find it interesting as it shows how Matt designs and builds his boats.


      I have cross posted this message, as it might be of interest to different boating groups.

      Bill Nolen


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