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27084Re: [Michalak] Centerboard Lugger

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  • Gene Berry
    Mar 8, 2013
      I don't know much about much, but i know i like Jim's boats. the more plans and designs i look at the more almost everything he does makes since to me. i wish i had the time and materials to build everyone of them. 

      Gene Berry

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      Subject: [Michalak] Centerboard Lugger
      To: Michalak@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, March 8, 2013, 1:57 PM


      There is a design review of an 19'10" Centerboard Lugger in the latest

      WB mag. I found it very interesting to compare it with John Goodman's

      Hapscut. Well respected designer Paul Gartside but the order of

      complication is over the moon in comparison with what Jim does. And it

      barely has space for one person to lie down in the cuddy with that

      centerboard case there, and the reviewer has some issues with the cut

      of the mizzen sail which I agree with. Not like Jim suggests.

      He also suggests he would extend the forward end of the mizzen sprit

      boom about 8" to create a "handle" ... that "will help us forcibly

      swing the sail to any position at almost any time. This works

      near-miracles for control and it insures we'll never get caught in


      Not that big a deal since John already has that on Hapscut:-)


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