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26338Re: Just launched my new Skat

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  • fiddleguy2
    Dec 11, 2012
      Thanks to all for all the compliments - I think the boat looks better in
      the pictures than in person - kind of that "from 60 ft away or 60 mph"
      thing. Also I just realized that I had not signed up for email notice
      of responses to my post - sorry for the late response(s).

      Colin - as to your questions, I would be happy to offer my opinion which
      is only that - not to be taken as being authoritative.

      I think a first time builder could handle it especially with the
      help/advice of many experienced builders on this forum. I didn't keep
      track of the hours as I am retired (or just plain tired) and work when
      the idea moves me. I started in April and finished about six or seven
      months later. I did do some extra work which was not included in the
      design, adding time. The mast is made from an aluminum tube, 2 1/2" in
      outside diameter with a .075" wall thickness. I believe it used to be a
      spinnaker pole off a much larger boat. I wanted to stiffen the lower
      two-thirds of mast as it felt too flexible so I fitted (with some work)
      a 10' piece of 2" (I.D) PVC inside. That seemed to stiffen it
      considerably. The plan calls for a 3" O.D. spruce mast if I remember
      correctly. For the boom and gaff I laminated two pieces of clear 1 x 2
      pine (3/4" x 1 1/2") together. We did have it out in winds strong
      enough to reef (I felt) and it didn't fail (yet). The entire bottom is
      covered in glass with an additional layer or layers on the chines and
      keel. Single glass strips on the chines inside and double inside on the
      keel area. Everything else has at least two coats of epoxy before
      paint. As to the plans, all the information I needed was there although
      thorough study was needed at times. I haven't had it out in punishing
      weather yet but I am becoming more confident with the design the more I
      sail it - I think that's the best measure of quality. Hope this helps.


      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "shooter1941" <cbuxton41@...> wrote:
      > Hello Dennis,
      > I have looked at all youyr pictures of Skat. Congratulations on a
      > build. She is beautiful, you must be very proud.
      > You may have seen my forum topic post titled "WHICH BOAT TO BUILD"in
      > which I describe the parameters for the type of bsailboat to build as
      > first boat build. I have decided on two boats as candidates for my
      > build; Skat and and Mayfly 12. I am leaaning toward Skat for the
      > following reasons. V Hull vs "Flattie, Seats, and a more classic
      > looking design.
      > I wonder if I could impose on you to provide me with a little advice
      > and information regarding the build of your Skat. First do you
      > believe this is an appropriate boat for a first time boat builder?
      > Approximately how many labor hours did you expend building the boat.
      > In one of your pics you show the base of the mast. Could you tell
      > material you used for the mast, it appears to be PVC pipe?? Also
      > is your boom and gaff material? Did you glass both hull and bottom
      > panels or just the bottom panels? And lastly what is your opinion
      > regarding the quality of the Michalak plans?
      > Any other advice or infomation that you could offer would be greatly
      > appreciated.
      > Many thanks,
      > Colin Buxton
      > --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, Dennis Marshall fiddleguy2@ wrote:
      > >
      > > She sails like a dream Here's a link to some pics of the process:
      > >
      > > http://s282.photobucket.com/albums/kk270/fiddlerami/2012/April/Skat/
      > >
      > > Dennis
      > >
      > >
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