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  • okiebobby@ymail.com
    Nov 24, 2012
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      Like I said, I'm learning as I go. I'm using sketchup kind of like a new pilot would use a flight simulator. I build a 3D model of the pieces in sketch up, prior to building the actual piece.

      For example: Per the plans, Step-1 is the stem. I built a 3D model of stem, prior to cutting the stem on my table saw.

      Sheet-1, the lines diagram of the plans, is a map of where all the key pieces of he puzzle line-up. Using this diagram I made 'guidepoints' in sketch up.

      Then using Sheet-2, the construction diagram of the plans, I read the designer's stem dimensions. I built a cyber stem, already lined-up and hanging where it will be within the lines diagram.

      Oh, one more thing. For me, I'm building a half model in sketchup. I think that will allow me to spin the model around and get better perspectives as it gets complete.

      By the way, the designer having Step-1 be this little 6" stem was really brilliant. No gluing; I just used scrap lumber (which happened to be a very nice scrap I had been reserving). It was a real confidence builder. Granted without a table saw it would require some skills.

      For now, I'm not comfortable sharing this file, or even doing screen prints. I may do some screen prints later, but I need to be careful and do it in a way that doesn't trespass over Mr. Michalak's intellectual property.

      You can google a search for sketchup boats, particularly Bolger's boats, and there are 3D models of Micro and some others out there. They will give you an idea of how powerful this software is. Those models are way beyond my ability.
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