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  • alan enlow
    Nov 22, 2012
      Throw the copper wire clippings in a coffee can and when you get enough, take them to the reccycling centre with your cans and you recoup some of your costs.
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      Subject: Re: [Michalak] Re: zip tie stitching
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      Date: Thursday, November 22, 2012, 10:38 AM


      I have made a couple small S&G projects and I used copper ground wire from ACE and liked it.  It twists easily even by hand and can be nipped out.. tho it is more costly than plastic zip ties.  I had trouble with cable ties breaking.


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      For me, copper wire ties work best. I've tried zip ties by they cannot be released and re tightened very easily. They tighten incrementally, so sometimes they are too tight to re position the edges. I use a two stage gluing process where I leave a small gap at the stitch, pull the wire after it hardens, then fill in the gap.

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      > I used the mid size zip ties ( less than 1/4 inch wide )on my piccup and they worked fine. Used a good pair of wire cutters to cut them off very close to plywood. I did the inside seam with fiberglass first then turned it over and sanded the seem on the outside to smooth the resin that came thru the zip tie holes. Didn't take that long and joint is good and tight.
      > Regards
      > Mike
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      > >
      > > I recently ordered the Caroline plans. Haven't received them yet, but this question is on my mind. I did a search and didn't see anything recent on it.
      > >
      > > In my (unexperienced) mind, zip ties seem like they would work well as stitches in the stitch & glue process.
      > >
      > > They won't rust. Is there an easy method to avoid having to remove them completely (avoiding filling holes), or will they just be too much in the way?
      > >
      > > Basically, I'm lazy and don't want to fill a zillion holes. Also, I'm concerned wire is more likely to cut through the wood.
      > >
      > > And if you didn't pick this up by now, I've never done this before.
      > >

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