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2531Re: [Michalak] AF3

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  • Hal Lynch
    Feb 3, 2003
      On Sunday, February 2, 2003, at 01:42 PM, Sam Rufo wrote:

      > Looking into a new boat to build, maybe an AF4. We also looked into a
      > 1978 Tri HUll Powerboat, 75hp. What do you guys think?
      > Sam

      If the price of the tri-hull + motor + trailer is not greater than the
      price of an equivalent motor and trailer go for it. Tri-hulls are known
      for pounding in a chop and could spoil the fun for those with more
      sensitive body parts.

      On the other hand the tri-hull will get you on the water now and
      furnish a motor and trailer later for the boat you build.

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