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23437Re: [Michalak] Re: Primer over epoxy fiberglass

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  • Hajo Smulders
    Oct 2, 2011
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      It's glossier than an oil based house paint. Doing a roll and dip you have
      to get VERY close to see that it has been brushed on. (It self levels well).

      I bought some for my breach cat to try out before I paint my Cape Dory
      Typhoon this winter.
      I'm very happy with it. Now I don't know how long it will last, UV
      resistance etc... I ASSUME however that it will be superior to a porch and
      floor enamel (which costs the same)

      �Even if you win the rat race, you're still a rat.� (L. Tomlin)

      On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 10:42 PM, prairiedog2332 <nelsarv@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Hajo,
      > I agree alkyd marine might be the way to go. Especially at that price!
      > Alkyds use organic oils (Like linseed) rather than petroleum based so
      > one might consider them more environmentally friendly. Epoxy of course
      > is petroleum based so alkyds should be compatible I would think.
      > Organic oil-based paints may take a bit longer to fully harden as they
      > use organic alcohol as the evaporant and may not be quite as glossy as
      > other petroleum based marine paints with evaporants that cure faster.
      > Raka products seem like a really good line.
      > Nels

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