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23074RE: [Michalak] Help with rivets?

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  • John and Kathy Trussell
    Aug 1, 2011
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      Pop rivets have a hole in the center and are not suitable for hull
      assembly/repair work. I built a couple of masts when I was racing Windmills
      (a long time ago) and attached the hardware to the aluminum masts with
      stainless steel pop rivets. The class did not report any failures due to
      corrosion or electrolysis between the stainless steel rivets (and hardware)
      and the aluminum masts.

      Note that stainless steel pop rivets require significantly more effort to
      install than aluminum pop rivets. If you are messing with stainless steel, a
      bigger rivet gun (or riveter) will be helpful!



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      I am suggesting that rivets are a better fix than pop rivets. Of course, in
      an aluminum boat use aluminum rivets. Alum works well even in salt
      water..... Some allclad alum was used in the 50's that did not hold up well
      at all.

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      I have replaced thousands of rivets and ribs in mistreated aluminum boats.
      It is quick and easy and cheap but it takes two people....one on each side
      of the hull. One person can pre drill out the many broken or damaged from
      the inside, usually. the guy on the outside puts the rivet in and the guy on
      the inside backs up with a heavy piece of steel. A pneumatic hammer can be
      real cheap but the Wall Mart and discount stores do not include the concave
      tool that fits the rivet head....so make e out of one of the furnished tool
      heads, . Or try to buy one at the fastening store where you buy the rivets.
      Pop rivets often leak, I think, unless you buy special ones that are
      waterproof. ..JIB

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      <!--CTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"
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      id="ygrp-text"><p>most pop rivet tools have a couple different diameter
      die's you thread into em, bigger stemmed rivets can be a little tougher to
      ratchet and pop is all. plant em solidly-squarely and ratchet em on in. a
      "dud" can be a pain, the ones that pop too easy.. junk, drill it loose and
      retry. holes you drill for em, as small as can get a rivet into, about all I
      know about the things.. and I've used many thousands of em (but not
      with boat hulls). I can imagine using a bit of silicone as a lube and
      sealant on em too before landing em, like down a keel strip.<br>lots of
      older tinnies used thin rubber and pop rivets.<br>--- On Sun, 7/31/11,
      <mailto:footstepfollower%40verizon.net> </a>> wrote:<br><br>From: Robert
      <mailto:footstepfollower%40verizon.net> </a>><br>Subject: [Michalak] Help
      with rivets?<br>To: <a
      <mailto:Michalak%40yahoogroups.com> </a><br>Date: Sunday, July 31, 2011,
      1:36 PM<br><br>  <br><br>I am in need of replacing a few pop rivets on
      the canoe I am adding the piccup sailing rig to. I can see application for
      their use even on ply/epoxy boats in the outfitting stage. Anyone here have
      a link to a primer/treatise on rivet basics? <br><br>There are several
      sizes/types of rivets used on this hull. Most appear to be typical
      pop-rivets but some have large heads for load distribution such as where the
      aluminum angle is secured to the hull side. Hope I can source these without
      the need to purchase multiple, expensive rivet guns...<br><br>[Non-text
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