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22929Re: Family Skiff in the Texas 200 Photos

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  • Jon Larson
    Jul 6, 2011
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      I'm another old guy with bad knees. The bench seats in my Ladybug were 10 inches off the floor. I had difficulty getting up and down and was generally uncomfortable. Out came the benches and the cockpit is open. I sit comfortably on my ice chest which is 16 inches off the floor (including the cushion) and can stretch out in all directions. I can move side to side, front to back and can lurch to the gunwales when it gets exciting. The floor is covered with plastic lattice from Home Depot (thank you Chuck) which gives good traction when I move around. The open area is perfect for my air matress if I decide to sleep in the boat, which is my last choice. Yes, visibility is impaired but I've still got enough flexibility to look around. I haven't been decapitated by the boom so far - but give me time. Fair winds...

      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "scr243" <scr243@...> wrote:
      > You have to have a seat a minimum height above the floor to do much good for comfort issues. I tried a board seat at the chine level in the Piccup during the 2008 Tex 200 and it worked to allow me to face forward while sailing but was not high enough to do much for comfort. You might build a temporary set of brackets that hang on the gunwales and allow you to test out different seat heights. On a low freeboard boat the best option might be just strong side decks that you can sit on. Of course, as you sit higher in the boat your CG moves up and the boat stability goes rapidly downhill. This would not present much of a problem in light constant winds (less than 12 mph) but would require some racing dinghy acrobatics when the wind was strong or inconsistent. Also, the boom is harder to duck since it is lower relative to your head.
      > Stan
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