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21962Re: Power Cruiser?

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  • Mark Albanese
    Feb 1, 2011
      Hey Nels,

      Wish I could be more encouraging, but one doubts a narrow Petesboat
      would save much weight, if that's still part of the brief.

      Bolger showed with his Nymph and Ruben's versions that you could have
      a slice right out of the middle of a pram bowed boat and not have to
      change the planking whatsoever.

      Trying that as a thought experiment with Petesboat shows there's the
      equivalent of one sheet of 1 1/2" ply saved, if that's the bottom
      thickness; not 30 square feet, say 150 pounds. Add a few pieces of
      1x4 and a half sheet ply out of the deck, a couple bits from the
      bulkheads and that's it. If it came to 300 pounds, which it won't,
      that still keeps it out of the small car class and limits the
      existing boat in almost every way.

      The result would certainly be less stable in a blow, if that matters,
      even with the slightly smaller LS rig, no stays'l, let alone the full
      266 sq. ft. rig.

      No doubt it will go faster or with less power at displacement speeds
      when motoring. Any tendency to lift the bow when planing can only be

      With their lifted bows, the Bolger flatty schooners take the water
      almost like scows themselves. I just had the notion of a non folding
      Folding Schooner, then add the BW top. Lower the stern if you'd care
      to plane.


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