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21455glass cloth over keel or under?

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  • Dean Herring
    Oct 1 4:21 AM
      say - I've now got Mike's boat turned over (hull up) and getting ready to clip the copper wires down on the joints. I will wet the joints, add epoxy fillets, fair, and then double glass with 4 inch wide tape. I want to add the keel to the bottom straight onto the wood with screws from the inside and epoxy it to the hull. I am then thinking about putting a very generous fillet between the hull and keel and then glassing over the bottom hull with a 50 inch wide by 16 feet cloth. The plans seem to have you glass the bottom first and then add the keel. Others have caulked in the keel over the glass. I don't know if there is another permutation of epoxying the keel onto the glass? Anything wrong with my approach of adding the keel first and then glassing? Does the keel need a sharp edge to the water on the sides of it? Also need to add the skeg to the keel at the back.

      Thanks, Dean
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